UpdatedSunday October 17, 2021 byNR.

The safety of our rowers is the top priority in everything we do at Northville Rowing. All our programs are run in adherence with the safety regulations set out by USRowing and, before heading out on the water, rowers receive a thorough introduction to the USRowing safety protocol. In addition, all NR members must complete a Swim Test presented by a certified Lifeguard or American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor prior to rowing in any boat, barge or coaches launch.

Crews on the water are always accompanied by a coach in a motorized launch carrying safety equipment, and all rowing at NR is overseen by a coach with Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification.

In addition to water safety, the USRowing policy states that each member of the organization adopt an athlete safety program. In the case of organizations that are representative of a formal parent organization such as a university or school, then the policy in place and required by that entity may be used, providing it addresses the minimum components.

The Northville Public Schools Code of Conduct linked below and employment policies which are followed by Northville Rowing includes provisions for students, parents and coaches which meet these requirements:

2017-18 Annual Notifications and Student Code of Conduct.pdf
Extra-Curricular, Co-Curricular and Athletic Code of Conduct.pdf