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The team communicates in a variety of ways with the team - primarily via emails and Remind communications.

When you registered for the season and created an account, you were prompted to include an adult email. It is extremely important that you also add your rower's email to the account. The emails we send regularly share important information about practices and regattas. Please take a moment and log onto your account and add any additional adult or rower email address under the adult account as an "alternate email". This will ensure that everyone who needs the information will be receiving it.

Remind is a tool that the Rowing Club uses for communicating important information, and is usually for short and/or last minute information. (Practice cancellations, on-site regatta updates, etc.) You should be used to the Remind system as it is used regularly with teachers at Northville High School. Coach Nick has added a few new options to the Remind communications so that he can communicate with specific sub groups easily. Sign up now for all the groups that are pertinent to you:

All Rowers and Parents:  Northville Rowing Club Group      @bf9k386b34
All Current Rowers: Athletes Group     @nrcm
All Senior Rowers: Seniors Group     @27a8fk
All Coxswains: Coxswains Group     @nrcmus 

In order to sign up for each group - you can either (1) text the message @______ to the number 81010 or (2) open your web browser and go to the following link and follow the instructions:

If you no longer wish to receive the Reminds from the various groups (if you have graduated, for example) it is your responsibility to either log into your Remind account and remove your name from the list or respond to a text with @LEAVE.

Reminds have been created for the Summer Camps as well:
Summer Sweep Camp Group     @nrcsw
Summer Sculling Camp Group     @kfef7f
Summer Learn To Row Group     @dbc437

The team has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account to share news and events.

Post and Share Team Photos at:

If you have any questions regarding signing up for these important communications, contact