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Northville Rowing needs Your support!
Northville Rowing exists today due to the volunteer work and financial backing of our members, but we cannot sustain, or grow, without donations from sponsors and friends.

NR benefits Northville High School and Middle School students by providing a co-ed sport, which allows participation at local, state and regional levels. Crew instills life skills in teamwork, leadership, dependability and responsibility - lessons that will serve our rowers well beyond high school!

We have established an ongoing Fundraising Registry for the team so that you can direct your donations towards anything you would prefer - whether it would be to help buy a boat, help cover season dues or uniform costs, or any other item. Remember, we are a 501c3, so all donations are tax deductible! See the link to donate:

You may also choose to just donate directly via the PalPal link below, or contact the Northville Rowing Treasurer with any other donation questions. ALL donations are welcome and appreciated!


Northville Rowing gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following individuals and businesses for their donation.

We wanted to send a big thank you, and note of appreciation to Akzo Nobel and Roush, for painting our oars Feb 2015. They are beautiful!!!! Thank you!  

Thank you to Gary E. Hall, D.D.S. for his generous donation of epoxy.
Plymouth Dental Associates  •  42801 Schoolcraft Road  •  Plymouth, MI 48170  •  (734) 420-2326


Major Donors
Major Donors directly advance NR's rowing program by providing significant financial backing that allows us to build a fleet and infrastructure. Major Donors may earmark their monies specifically for Equipment (boats, trailer, etc.), General Operating Funds or any combination thereof.

In order to establish a program tied not only to Northville High School, but also the surrounding communities, NR will recognize significant donations on our website and in press releases whenever appropriate.

Any Donor who gives a new racing shell also receives naming rights*, with the name placed directly on the boat's bow. This ensures the community sees a very visible reminder of the donor, as the boat will be at each of our regattas, including State and Midwest Championships.

Major Donor levels:
   • Platinum Level – $20,000 - $30,000, dependent on needs
   • Gold Level - $1,000 or more
   • Silver Level - $500


Friends of the Club
Donations in ANY amount can help NR provide necessary equipment and a quality experience to our rowers. We don't just need boats - smaller donations will allow us to acquire oars, headsets and microphones for the coxswains, training equipment, boat and food trailers and a whole host of other needed materials.

Friends of the Club may donate any amount desired.

Thank you for considering Northville Rowing as you weigh your donation options.

* Names may be subject to approval by the Northville Rowing Board of Directors, Northville High School and/or the Northville School Board.

Row Mustangs!