Board & Chairpersons

Updated Monday July 29, 2019 by NRC.

Northville Rowing Club is run by parent volunteers and coaches. It would be impossible to run the program without the enormous assistance they provide. See the attached document for the current list of Board and Chairpersons and their contact information.

The NRC Board meets on a monthly basis and the meeting is open to any rower/parent to attend. The meetings are usually held at NHS on the third Wednesdays of the month, at 7:30pm during the Fall and Spring seasons, and at 6:30pm during the winter and summer months. Please confirm with the Secretary and/or check the online calendar to confirm the date and time of the meeting if you are planning to attend. The meeting agenda will be posted below approximately one week prior to the meeting. Thank you!

2018-19 NRC Board & Chairpersons_112918.pdf
NRC Board Roles.pdf
NRC Charter.pdf
NRC Amended Bylaws.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_061919.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_061919.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_051519.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_051519.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_041719.pdf
NRC Board Mtg MInutes 041719.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_032019.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_032019.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_022119.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_022119.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_011619.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_011619.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_121918.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_121918.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda-112818rev.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_112818.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_101718.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_101718.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Agenda_091918.pdf
NRC Board Mtg Minutes_091918.pdf